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Basic knowledge about motor Q & A
★Q:What is the motor ?
A: The motor is battery electrical energy into mechanical energy to drive the electric vehicle wheel rotating parts.
★ Q:What is winding ?
A: The armature winding is a core part of the DC motor,It is a wound coil of copper wire. When the armature windings of the motor rotation in a magnetic field will generate an electromotive force.
★Q: What is the magnetic field?
A: The scope of the force field that occurs around a permanent magnet or a current and a magnetic space or magnetic effect that can be achieved in all of.
★Q: What is the magnetic field strength?
A: The definition of an infinite wire carrying current of one ampere wire at a distance of 1/2 meters away magnetic field strength of 1A / m (A / m, the International System of Units SI); in CGS units (centimeter – gram – second) in order to commemorate the contribution of Oster electromagnetism, the definition of an infinite wire carrying current of one ampere wire at a distance of 0.2 cm distant magnetic field strength is 10e (Oe), 10e = 1 / 4.103 / m, magnetic field intensity usually expressed H.
★Q:What is Ampere’s Rule?
A:Holding the wires with the right hand, thumb straight direction in line with current direction,Bend the four referred to in that direction is the direction of magnetic field lines around.
★Q:What is flux?
A:Flux also known as magnetic flux:In a homogeneous magnetic field, a magnetic field perpendicular to the plane,magnetic flux density field is the area B, the plane is S,We define the product of magnetic flux density b and the area s, called the magnetic flux.
★Q: What is the stator?
A: The doesnot working part when brush or brushless motor is running. Wheel brush or brushless motor ‘s shaft called the stator, This motor can be called inner stator motor.
★ Q:What is the rotor?
A: There are rotating parts when brush or brushless motors is running . Wheel brush or brushless motor shell called the rotor, this motor can be called external rotor motor.
★Q:What is Brush ?
A:Brush motor in the surface of phase changer,when motor is speed, The energy supplied to the coil through the transfer phase, as its main ingredient is carbon, called Carbon Brush, it is easy to wear. Regular maintenance should be replaced, and clean up carbon deposits.
★Q:What is brush holder?
A: Inside of Brush Motor, brush holder containing and holding the position of mechanical guide groove.
★Q:What is the commutation?
A: Inside of the brush motor , Metal strip surface with mutually insulated feature , with the motor rotor rotate, the wiper strip metal touch the positive and negative of brush alternately , to realize the motor coil current direction has change positive and negative alternately , complete brush motor coil commutation.
★Q: What is the phase sequence?
A: The order of the brushless motor coil.
★Q: What is the magnetic steel?
A: Generally , it called high magnetic field strength Magnetic materials , most of electric car motors use neodymium iron Peng rare earth magnetic steel .
★Q:What is the electromotive force?
A: Generated by the motor rotor cutting magnetic field lines in a direction opposite to the external power supply, it is known as counter electromotive force.
★Q:What is called motor rated running condition ?
A: When the motor is running, if the various physical quantities is same as its nominal value, we called rated running condition, under working in rated running condition, the motor can be reliable operation, and it has the best overall performance.

★Q:How to calculated the motor rated torque ?
A: Rated output Torque can be marked by T2n on motor shaft , Its size is the output of mechanical power rating value divided by the speed rating of transmitted, that is T2n = Pn , Pn unit is W, Nn units is r / min, T2n units are N.M, if PN.M unit with KN,Then efficient 9.55 instead 9550.
★Q:How to define the motor starting currents?
A: Generally ,The requirements for motor starting current does not exceed 2-5 times than the rated current, which is one of the important reasons for the controller for the current limit protection.

★Q:Why motor speed become more and more higher in market ?  
A: In terms of suppliers , high speed can reduce motor coil , Also saved silicon steel, the number of magnetic steel less, some buyer think this kind of high speed motor quality is better than low speed motor.

★Q:How to repair it when motor appear  abnormal fevers ?
It is usually take steps to replace the motor, or repair warranty.

★ Q:How to identify the motor is good or bad? What are the key parameters for refernce?
A: The main factor is the size of the load current and the operating current, compare with normal value ,  see the level of motor efficiency, torque, check the motor noise, vibration and heat, the best method is to use dynamometer test efficiency curve.

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