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  • Worm Gearbox
    NMRV series worm gearbox Motor with Variator /gearbox
  • Helical Geared Motor
    Inline helical Geared Motor ; Parallel shaft helical geared Motor ; Helical bevel geared Motor ; Helical worm geared Motor
  • Cycloidal gear reducer
    Cycloidal gear reducer ; Holders; Bladers
  • AC induction Motors

Worm gearbox ,planetary gear reducer, helical gearbox , helical gear motor , cycloidal gearbox , industry gear reducer ,Various of custom gearboxes , transmission system and accessories manufacturer & supplier in China. Strong Drive Tool Co.,Ltd, starting processing trade in 2005, starting domestic business in 2006, starting oversea business in 2008, starting having ability to provide clients a complete transmission system synchronous drive in 2010, starting having ability to process customized gearboxes in 2011. Strong Drive Tool Co.,Ltd always follow a strict quality system, with senior engineers, experienced skilled workers and practiced sales teams, we consistently provides high precision, high quality and ideal mechanical power transmission solutions.
(Worm gearbox Parts)

Our Advantages 
1. Provide the complete precision gearbox transmission system solutions with accessories such as worm gearbox, helical geared motor,cycloidal gear reducer, connecting shafts, bellows boots, couplings, electric motor etc.

2. Provide drive motor  Max. 200 Kw Motor power , max. 18 K N.m Permissible Torque with max. 120 millimeters output shaft diameter .

3. Do more than only produce & sell products, we  can design a new product is same sizes and performance as customers required new products or to replaced used products, products included worm gearbox ,helical geared motor ,cycloidal gear reducer or other custom gearbox etc.

4. To guide customers and select the correct model part numbers following customers required. Before ordering, .dwg drawings, or .pdf drawings will be sent to customers for final confirmations.

5. Our technical staffs are devoted to the development and research of new products, new processes, new materials and new facilities to provide customers with the high quality and reliable products.

6. Delivery time: For standard products, delivery time about 7-10 working days after receive down payment. Non-standard products, 15-25 working days after receive payment.


NMRV reducer testing

worm gearbox is testing

Quality Control
Optimizing constantly the production process, inspecting in each link and managing production site. After assembly,and before shipment, the QC will inspect them step by step following the order part number with special requirements, after finish, will sign quality inspection report, and paste the qualified labels on the products. During production and assembly, using kinds of inspection tools such as manually & electrically testing table, three-coordinates measuring machine, hardness testers, gear meshing testing machines, micrometers, infrared thermometers, noise meters, tape measure, vernier caliper etc.


  • Gear –Gear is made of high purity 20CrMnTi, computer-controlled carburizing furnace making Carburizing , hardened tooth surface hardness HRC58 – 62, core hardness HRC33 – 48, infiltration gear carbon layer thickness control in the 0.3 – 1.8 (this thickness will increasing with increase of the modulus and thickening), the grinding teeth before treatment to eliminate the need to blast the tooth root stress, thereby increasing the carrying capacity of the gear, and with teeth tooth tolerance control within the scope of the national standard six precision to the detector on the gear tooth for tooth.
  • Process:Cutting – roughing – normalizing – finishing – gear hobbing – plug keyway – carburizing and quenching – blasting – grinding flat – grinding inner hole – gear grinding – test & storage.
  • Case/housing- Material HT250, aging treatment after casting, processing CNC center.
  • Process: crossed on housing – milling the bottom surface to ensure center high – rough fine boring each aperture – Drilling – test & storage.
  • Processing Equipment: CNC center and coordinate boring machine.
  • Shaft/Axis- Material 40Cr, quenching and tempering HB220-250.
  • Process: cutting – roughing – quenching -Lathe finish -Milling keyway  – Grinding cylindrical – test & storage.
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Manufacturing Equipments:

Automatic Cleaning Machine

(Automatic Cleaning Machine)

Flat Grinder

(Flat Grinder)

Gear Grinding Machine

(Gear Grinding Machine)







Strong Drive Tool, Worm gearbox ,helical geared motor, cycloidal gear reducer ,motors are widely used in kinds of industries, such as , Spider Mould Installation, Beverage Can Production Line, Solar Tracker, Satellite Dish Azimuth and Elevation, Steel Sheet Leveling and Shearing Machine, CNC Cut To Length Line, Continuous Coil Coating Line, Sandwich Panel Production Line, Damper Adjustable, Horizontal Axis Balancing Machines, Tunnel Freezers, Steel Industry Roll Pass System, Food Processing Machines, and for elevating platforms, roller adjustment and all kinds of adjustment and press motion etc.

Strong Drive’s oversea customers distributed throughout the world, such as U.S.A , Canada, Mexico, Brazil, of America ; Australia, New Zealand,Asia countries  India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Iran, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, Euro Customers such as Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Greece, France, Austria, Italy, Russia, Belgium, Croatia, Ukraine etc. In order to expand international business, we are looking for different countries distributors, agents, retailers, dealers, traders or branches.