How to calculate gearbox output torque ?( reducer output torque calculation formula):

Efficiency Versus Torque

When Customer choose suitable reducer model , they always have  following problems: How to calculate gearbox torque, how to matching reducer with motor power ? especially for industry planetary gearbox ,and double enveloping worm gear reducer ,  Here introduce Gearbox Torque calculation and guidance to Motor power:
Gearbox torque calculation formula:

Ratio = number of revolutions of the motor output speed / gearbox output revolutions (“Ratio” also known as ” transmission ration”)

1.Know motor power , Ratio , And Service factor, get the gearbox torque formula as following :
Reducer Torque=9550×Motor Power(Kw)/Input Speed of rated power’s motor ×Ratio×Service factor

2.Know Torque on gearbox ,output speed of gearbox and service factor , how to calculate motor power?

Motor Power=Torque /9550×Input Speed of motor Power / Ratio / Service factor
Gearbox is a  precision machine relatively, it’s purpose is to decrease motor speed, increased torque .

The following situation is an example of calculation , Customer can refer to below information:

0.75Kw reducer, ratio 1:30, How to calculate the torque ? What is the units?  How heavy goods can be lifting by this gearbox ? 
0.75Kw( geared motor power) x9550x gearbox transmission efficiency x30 / input speed = Torque
If the AC induction motor is 4 Pole motor: 1380 rev / min. (also short for : r/min; RPM):
0.75x9550x30 / 1380 = 155.7 (N.M)
If you need to know the torque , only substitute into the rotation efficiency, parameter values of motor input speed .

Torque unit is N.m (Newton · meters) or kilogram.meters (Kg · m).
Reducer Torque = 9550 * Motor power / Rated Power motor’s input revolution*Ratio* reducer efficiency .
Above calculation is the torque equation.
Motor power = torque ÷ 9550 × Rated power ‘s motor input speed /Ratio /service factor.

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