Gearbox ,as a ideal transmission part ,it is wide used in various field with  advantage in high ratio , high efficiency,low noise ,easy to installation . in flour processing industry ,   Gearbox already replace the classified reduction structure ,save space ,ensure safe running. but for different types and shape gearboxes , how to meet food industry requirement ,save energy as well ,  companies has different question.

1 Introduction
Gearbox is  an transmission part matching output speed and  transmitting torque between Drive motor and working machine . According to its application, It  can be divided into general gearbox and special gearbox , also can be divided into helical gearbox ,worm gearbox  and universal gearbox by transmission type. usually ,Cycloidal reducer with universal planetary gear is more used in These lifting equipment,horizontal transport equipment  in flour industry , this kind of cycloidal reducer with cycloidal pin gear ,planetary transmission drive, The characteristic is high ratio,high efficiency reach to 90-94% ,running steady , low noise , compact structure, small size, light weight , strong overload and impact force ,low malfunction and convenient maintenance and long life.Generally, Cycloidal reducer has a high precision requirement in structure and assembly, its cycloidal disc need a special device processing, so customer select model need to chosse known brand. 

2  Installation and Use
2.1 Installation

Cycloidal reducer characteristic is small volume ,easy to connect , various of connection, however ,following points should be noted when install ,to avoid damage equipment or gearbox.

(1),Install coupling,belt pulley,sprockets and other bonding methods can not direct hammering parts, due to the output shaft of the gearbox structure can not withstand the impact of axial force, screw shaft can be pressed into the coupling . 
 (2), When installing gearbox on the foundation,engineer should be calibrated reducer installed center line elevation, levelness and associated components relative dimensions. Calibration rotating shaft concentricity couplings should not exceed the allowed range.

(3)When gearbox calibration, available blocks made of steel or cast iron pad, pad height no more than  three blocks, wedge can also be used, but it should be changed into a flat pad after gearbox leveling .

4) The pad should be configured to avoid body deformation, bolts should be based on symmetrical arrangement.

(5) The horizontal-type Cycloid reducer working positions is horizontal, when inclined to use it, maximum slant angle should be less than 15 degree, if more than 15 degree, it should be taken to ensure adequate lubrication and to prevent oil leakage

2.2 Usage

(1)At rated load & speed , reducer’s Oil sump temperature rise does not exceed 70 ℃ in above working condition.

(2)the reducer permits use in continuous duty working place, while allowing the two direction rotation, the rated input speed for 1450r/min, if motor power exceed than 18.5kW , recommended speed is 980r/min.

(3)the output shaft cannot withstand greater axial and radial forces, the larger axial force and radial force arises shall take other measures

(4)In generally,cycloid reducer with oil sump lubrication, the oil level is maintained at the middle of oil window, Special for flour mill , reducer should be selected before ex factory into special grease, no leakage, no pollution, in order to meets the hygiene requirements food processing enterprises, and extend the service life of the gearbox.
Lubricating oil should be replaced by new oil after first time running for 100 hours , then replace oil after continuous working per half year. It is proved that through often cleaned and oil changes has a very important role in gearbox extend working life.lubricating grease is suggested to supplement in actual usage.

3 Maintenance

Due to the gear reducer with complex structure, specialized processes and processing equipment,Use  working condition stable, so maintenance work has become an important issue to extend its useful life.                         (1) periodic inspection concentricity and tightness of couplings, to prevent equipment damage caused by non-torque force.                                                          (2) Examine the installed base periodically, whether mounting bolts are loose or not, whether gearbox is swings
when gear reducer running , if gearbox has unbalanced movement, it should be promptly leveling and tighten the
anchor bolts.      

(3)checking the oil level on a regular basis, it should not be higher than central oil window, or oil-free.
(4) Regular oil changes, oil changes should be cleaned inside the equipment (the old oil has worn iron and other
items,it is likely to affect the life of reducer working face and the shaft). When injected into the special
grease, injection should be sufficient to ensure the normal lubrication oil effect.
(5) It should be replaced immediately when the shaft seal ring caused by aging and wear , to prevent dust and
other access devices in the working environment.
(6) It should be open gear reducer if the gearbox temperature rise over 70 or appear to noise, check the bearing,
pinwheel bolt, pinwheel housing, cycloid disks,and ensure they are no obvious wear or damage.

(7)When replacing the reducer eccentric bearing, using two levers into the Central eccentric bearing, It can be 
removed by both corresponding points of use balance force, or it can be damaged easily result from unilateral 
force orknock the eccentric shaft or Cycloid Disc.    

(8),Once the gear reducer was opened to Maintenance or repair,Every connection surface clean with tools, New 
paint sealant, replace with new gasket, gasket thickness should be <1mm generally.                              

(9) Reassemble gear reducer must be operated at least one lap by hand disk before no-load operation.        

(10),Every reducer of Cycloid disks are set in conjunction with their whole set processing, swap or cobble 
together is not allowed.

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