Motor Basic knowledge 1:

Small size three phase asynchronous motors, it usually including (Frame Size )H80-315MM motor, With advantage of  large production ,wide use, its power consumption load about 40% in total grid. JO2 seires motor ever popular in sixties , this series motor had a different technical parameter standard in motor power rating, mounting dimensions . besides ,this motor has lower  starting torque and the lack of noise control targets, so now China usually use Y(2) series motor.Y series motor has an increasingly wide range with characteristic of durable, safe and reliable. However, in some clients ,the damage rate of motor up to 5%, after reasch find that the reason is wrong selec model ,unreasonable operate ,uncareful protection. so this article purpose is to find the quality question and solve problem.


 Small size three phase asynchronous motors classfication :

Small series asynchronous motor can be divided into Basic series ; subseries ; special series .

Basical series – Wide use ,large production . it is universal type motor such as Y series (IP44) small size three asynchronous motor .

Basic series motor

Subseries – Based on different usage requirement , make partial change ,and its parts has high universality  . subseries motor has electrical derivative series(high efficient motor,YX series ),structural derivation series (YR series ), special environment derivation series (such as YB series , explosion proof type motor) .



Special Series – it is different with general application , it has special use requirement and special working condition , for example ,YZ,YZR series metallurgy& crane asynchronous motors.

Special Series

Motor Basic knowledge 2:

1,Basic series technical parameter
1、 Standard JB/T9616-1996 .

2、 Motor Protective shell structure type :Y series three phase ac induction motor basic series motor have IP23 ,IP44 motor housing protection class.

Protection Class :IP23

The first Digit indicates this series motor can prevent finger touch the live part or rotary part ofmotor shell, to prevent diameter greater than 12MM solid goods into motor.

The second digit indicates the water spray to the vertical line along 60 degrees or less than 60degrees ,the motor does not adversely affect

Protection Class :IP44

The first Digit indicates a thickness greater than 1MM tools, wire or similar objects preventtouching liveor rotary parts cabinet, to prevent diameter greater than 1MM of small solid objects, but not include the external suction fan or air vents and closed motor scuppers,These sections should have two protective properties

The second digit refer to splashing water to the motor in any direction , no harmful effects.

Y series motor install structure divided into foot mounted, foot mounted with flange mounted , flange mounted. based on this 3 type mounting position , the motor install position also have horizontal type and vertical type, divided into the horizontal or vertical installation and installation axis toward up or down, that is B3, B35, V1, V15 and other installation,check the specific model standards if necessary.3、Install Structure and type :

Installtion mark_副本
4、 Cooling
Y series motor is substantially cooled by the surrounding air to circulate. IP23 motors for the use of fan rotor end ring as a driving element, surrounded by cold air from entering the cap, after fan booster, carrying part rotor heat and cool the stator winding ends and the core back, heated air transpire the outside of machine from the motor housing .
IP44 motors,when motor is running ,the operation loss (iron loss, copper loss, mechanical loss) generated by the motor,it is transmitted to the motor surface, installed in non-drive side of the fan drive continuous ambient air blowing motor surface, taking the above-mentioned heat, achieve the purpose of cooling the motor.
5, Power level and mounting dimensions
6, The main performance indicators
Some motors may be has short core,thin wire, but the motor power and other performance indicators is standard.
7, winding temperature rise
Y series motor with Class insulation B, allowing 80K winding temperature rise. Another F-class insulation allows winding temperature rise 115K.
8, Operating Conditions
(1), Do not allow over 1000 meters above sea level, the maximum ambient temperature does not exceed 40 ℃, the lowest temperature -15 ℃. The wettest month average maximum humidity of 90% in motor operating rooms, while the monthly average minimum temperature not higher than 25 ℃.

(2), Power supply voltage is 380V ± 5%, frequency is 50Hz ,change not more than ± 1%, while the three-phase unbalanced load currents less than 10% and not more than 5% contained. No-load current is typically 30-55% of the load current.
Motor Basic knowledge 3:

General Motors nameplate

Motor nameplate
Type (TYPE):
Voltage (VOLT): 220V;380V;400V
Frequency (HZ): 50HZ
Connection (CONN.)
Power:Under normal circumstances: Below 3KW ,the motor is the star connection,  

above 3KW, the motor is angular connection.
No. (SER.NO.)
Protection class (ENCL)
Insulation class (INS.CLASS)
Applicable standards:
Under normal circumstances the JB / T9616-1996
Noise [LW dB (A)]
The number of revolutions (R / MIN)
Rated Current (AMP):
Production date (DATE)
Duty (DUTY)
Weight (WGT)
Special Motor identified as below:
Three-phase asynchronous motors THREE PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR
Service Factor (S.F.)
Under current service factor (S.F.A.)
Efficiency at 100% load of EFF. (100% FL)
Load efficiency of 75% under the EFF. (75% FL)
Ambient temperature limit (MAX. AMB)
Shaft end bearing type (BRGS. P. E)
Non-shaft end bearing type (O. P. E.)
User another part number (PART.NO)

Motor type Pole Input Speed Hertz Voltage
Y2 /YX3/YS2 2P 3000RPM 50Hz 220V/380V
Y2 /YX3/YS2 4P 1500RPM 50Hz 220V/380V
Y2 /YX3/YS2 6P 1000RPM 50Hz 220V/380V
Y2 /YX3/YS2 8P 750RPM 50Hz 220V/380V
Y2 /YX3/YS2 10P 600RPM 50Hz 220V/380V
3 Responses to Motor series-Motor Basic knowledge
  1. The normal running windings within such a single-phase motor can cause the rotor to turn in either direction, so the starting circuit determines the operating direction.

  2. The normal running windings within such a single-phase motor can cause the rotor to turn in either direction, so the starting circuit determines the operating direction.


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