Gearbox ,as a ideal transmission part ,it is wide used in various field with  advantage in high ratio , high efficiency,low noise ,easy to installation . in flour processing industry ,   Gearbox already replace the classified reduction structure ,save space ,ensure safe running. but for different types and shape gearboxes , how to meet […]

Basic knowledge about motor Q & A ★Q:What is the motor ? A: The motor is battery electrical energy into mechanical energy to drive the electric vehicle wheel rotating parts. ★ Q:What is winding ? A: The armature winding is a core part of the DC motor,It is a wound coil of copper wire. When […]

How to calculate gearbox output Torque ?( reducer output torque calculation formula): When Customer choose suitable reducer model , they always have  following problems: How to calculate gearbox torque, how to matching reducer with motor power ? especially for industry planetary gearbox ,and double enveloping worm gear reducer ,  Here introduce Gearbox Torque calculation and guidance to Motor […]

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