RV series Aluminum Case worm gearbox

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• 7.5:1 to 100:1 ratios
• Box sizes 025 to 150 mm
• Aluminum alloy housing for lightweight design ,iron housing for big size.
• Hardened worm shaft for increased durability
• Two bearings on input and output shafts
• NEMA motor input flanges
• All units filled with Mobil ISO VG320 /TIVELA OIL/ SC320 for Size 025 to 090 ; ISO VG460 /
  OMALA OIL460 / SPARTANEP460 for size 110 to 150.
• Not exceed than size 075, No vent plug or breather needed; maintenance-free reducer
• Double lip oil seals prevent leakage
• Multiple mounting holes for all angle mounts
• Epoxy paint applied to inside and outside of reducer to protect
   against corrosion
• Hollow output bores with available plug-in output shafts
• Mountable in any direction, except motor pointing up

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NMRV-RV worm gearbox with input flange
NRV-RV  Aluminum Case worm gearbox
DRV-Double stage RV worm gearbox
VF- compact type worm gearbox

worm Gearbox modular combination system_


Use with electric motors for reducing output speed, increasing torque,changing drive direction,
or running two loads from one motor.

Aluminum Case worm gearbox wide used in Foodstuffs, Ceramics, Packing, Chemicals, Pharmacy, Plastics,
Paper-making, Machine-tools, Communications, and all kinds of Automatic lines, Pipelines.

RV series worm reducer for fish food flavoring machine

Application-RV series worm reducer for fish food flavoring machine

NMRV for screw conveyor_

Application- Worm Gearbox for screw conveyor

RV worm gearbox for beer line produce

Application-worm gearbox for beer line produce


Type: Worm Gear Speed Reducer Gearbox
Model: NMRV025-150
Ratio: 5,7.5,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60,80,110
Color: Blue / Silver
Material: Housing-Casting iron-HT200# / Aluminium
Worm Gear- KK alloy
Worm-20CrMnTi with carburizing and quenching, surface hardness is 58-62HRC
Shaft-chromium steel-45#
Packing: Paper Carton,Plywood box / per set(With foam board inside)
Bearing: Brand “HRE” Bearing
Seal: NAK Seal from TAIWAN
Warranty: 1 year
Input Power: 0.06-15KW
Usages: In industrial machine: Food stuff,Ceramics,chemical, aswell as packing, printing,  dyeing,woodworking, glass and plastics…..
IEC Flange: 56B5,63B5,80B5,90B5,100B5,112B5,132B5….
Lubricant: Synthetic & Mineral

Gearbox Selection Steps
1) Determine the torque and speed required for the load.
2) Determine the overall speed ratio of motor speed to load speed.
3) Determine the gearbox ratio as well as any reduction outside the gearbox (pulleys, gears, etc.).
4) Determine the applicable service factor and overhung load K factor.
5) Determine the gearbox real output torque required, and select a gearbox with a higher Maximum Thermal output Torque rating (for WG
cast-iron gearboxes; not applicable for WGA aluminum gearboxes).
6) Determine the gearbox design output torque required (torque with service factor applied), and select a gearbox with a higher Maximum
Mechanical Output Torque rating. (Gearbox must also meet requirement #5.)
7) Determine the required sizes of pulleys, gears, etc., and determine the overhung load force. Select a gearbox with a higher Overhung Load
rating. (Gearbox must also meet requirements #5 & #6.)
8) Confirm that the selected gearbox meets the applicable system requirements.
9) Select a compatible motor.

Dimension Table: RV series Aluminum Case worm gearbox

NMRV dimension


NMRV Dimension 2




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