RX/RXF series single stage inline helical gearbox

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1, RX/RXF series single stage inline helical gearbox, combined with international technical requirements, has the very high technology content;
2, save space, reliable and durable, bear high overload capability, power up to 250 kw;
3, low energy consumption, superior performance, speed reducer efficiency is as high as 95% above;
4, small vibration, low noise, high energy saving;
5, choose high quality forged steel material, semi steel housing, gear surface after high-frequency heat treatment;

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Gearbox Outline Structure  Description
R...Y...inline helical gearbox  R…Y… foot mounted inline helical gearbox with solid shaft
RF...Y...inline helical gearbox  RF…Y… flange mounted inline helical gearbox with solid shaft
RS...inline helical gearbox  RS… foot mounted ,shaft input inline helical gearbox with solid shaft
RFS...inline helical gearbox  RFS… flange mounted ,shaft input helical gearbox with solid shaft
R...R...Y... inline helical gearbox  R…R..Y… foot mounted combinatorial gearbox with solid shaft
RF...R...Y...inline helical gearbox  RF..R…Y… flange mounted combinatorial gearbox with solid shaft
RS...R...inline helical gearbox  RS…R… foot mounted combinatorial, shaft input helical gearbox with solid shaft
RFS...R...inline helical gearbox  RFS…R… flange mounted combinatorial,shaft input helical gearbox with solid shaft
RX...Y...inline helical gearbox  RX…Y… foot mounted,single-stage helical gearbox with solid shaft
RXF...Y...inline helical gearbox RXF…Y… flange mounted single-stage helical  gearbox with solid shaft
RXS...  RXS… foot mounted, shaft input single stage helical gearbox with solid shaft
RXFS...  RXFS…  flange mounted,shaft input single stage helical gearbox with solid shaft
 RM...Y...flange mounted helical gearbox with extended bearing housing RM…Y…     flange mounted helical gearbox with extended bearing housing
Inline helical gearbox modular system combination

Inline helical gearbox modular system combination

Mounting position & position of motor thermal box

Mounting position & position of motor thermal box

1.high quality
2.suitable price
3.High safety performance
4.High reliability
5.large bearing
6.Long life for helical gearbox .
8.Standardization in component structure,
9.Packages are all in modules,
10.Compatibility and high degree of exchange ability for all

Gearbox modular combination system_strong drive tool

Gearbox modular combination system


single stage inline helical gearbox can modular compose with other reducers
and variator, get a large reduce ratio drive and variation.Therefore it is applied to many industrial areas, such  as Metallurgical mines, lifting transportation, 

petrochemical construction, textile, environmental, light electric, plastic machine, parking equipment and so on.

Application-RX series single stage helical gearbox for Power tower machine

Application-RX series single stage helical gearbox for Power tower machine

Housing (case )  HT250 (cast iron)
Gear Pair 20CrMnTi
Finish Caburizing & Quenching
Design Modularly designed, easy for exchangement with SEW product
Lubrication VG220
Technique datas
Model(13) R/RF17,R/RF27,R/RF37, R/RF47, R/RF57, R/RF67, R/RF77, R/RF87, R/RF97 ,R/RF107 ,R/RF137 ,R/RF147,R/RF167 ,R/RF187 ;   RX/RXF57, RX/RXF67, RX/RXF77, RX/RXF87, RX/RXF97 ,RX/RXF107 ,RX/RXF127 ,F147,R167 , R187
Ratio 3.33–229.91
Input Power 0.18-160kw
Output Torque 0.02-18K N. M
Output Speed 0.3-350 RPM
Gear Accuracy 6 to 4 Grade
Gear Pair Surface hardness HRC58° -62°
Effeciency It can be reach to 96%
Mounting Position Foot / Flange Mounting
Motor IP55 / IP54
Certification CE, SGS
Management System ISO9001: 2008
OEM OEM accepted
Application Ceramics, beverage, food, electronics, chemistry, textile, woodworking, leather
About Product:
1. The quality standard same as SEW, Modularly designed, can exchange with SEW.
2. Fine appearance, high efficiency, wide application.
3. The gear surface precisely grinded, guarantee 6-4-grade accuracy and specially shaped which efficiently reduce noice and vibration.
4. Competitive price.


Dimension Table:RX57-RX107:Dimension Table_RX57-RX107


g h j k n shaft dimension H J L      M N Q
d I I1     I2 s t       u
56 63 18 11 31 20k6 40 3.5     32 M6 22.5     6 202 / 174    162 52 160
75 80 20 13.5 35 25k6 50 3.5     40 M10 28      8 226 / 201   176 60 160
85 90 25 17.5 50 30k6 60 3.5     50 M10 33       8 271 311 227    210 72 200
110 100 30 17.5 60 40k6 80 5       70 M16 43      12 332 372 269    272 93.5 250
140 112 35 22 70 50k6 100 10     80 M16 53.5   14 393 440 316   328 116 300
152 140 40 22 80 60k6 120 15     110 M20 64      18 459 506 364    370 130 350

Please note motor size just for reference, exact information please consult us.


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