VF series Aluminum Case worm gearbox

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1.Design Highly standard modular designed – more sizes with a reduced variet of parts
Higher operational reliabilit combined with increased power capacity.
2.Mounting position – The gear units can be supplied for either horizontal or vertical installation.
Other arrangments are also possible on request.
3.Long service life -Under the condition of accueately selecting type size and the normal maintenance and use,
main components(expect those easily more than 50000 hours.
4.Low noise – All key components are finished by precisely machining;grinding the gears;designing noise finally
tested and therefore,fairly low noise is reached.
5.Thermal Conduction – The gear units have a high efficiency.Through enlarged housing surface areas.
Because large fans incorporating a new type of air conduction fan cowl are being used.
6. Equivalent to Ltaly MT worm gearbox

Form :

Application :

This type gearbox wide use in Foodstuffs, Ceramics, Packing, Chemicals, Pharmacy, Plastics, Paper-making, Machine-tools, Communications, and all kinds of Automatic lines, Pipelines.

Application-VF sereis wor mgearbox for machine

Application-VF series worm gearbox for machine

Application-VF sereis wor mgearbox with motor for machine

Application-VF sereis wor mgearbox with motor for machine

Size (Center Distance) 30 ; 45 ; 50 ;63 ;63A ; 85 ; 110
Number of stages  Single stage 
Ratio: 7~102
Input speed 13.7- 200rpm
Structure VF…P ; VF…H 
Torque 0.6-620 kN
Power range 0.06-11kw


Dimension Table:

VF worm gearbox dimension1_VF worm gearbox dimension 2_

VF worm gearbox dimension 3_VF worm gearbox dimension 4_

VF worm gearbox dimension 5_ VF worm gearbox dimension 6_

Worm gearbox with stepless variator :

VF worm gearbox dimension 7_ VF worm gearbox dimension 8_

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