YD2 series three phase pole-change and multi-speed AC electric motor

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YD2 change-pole multi speed motor is one of the main derivative series of the Y2 series motor. adopt the method of changing the winding connection way to change the number of poles and the output of the motor so as to match the load characteristic of the mechanical equipment. The noise,the starting torque,the vibration value and the outline mounting dimensions of the motor conform to IEC standard. It’s features with small size,light weight,reliability service,solid structure and good-looking etc. It has capable of controlling speed and saving much of energy with manual control,contactors and controllers etc.


Widely used in such industry which have step changes of rotational speed to meet the requirements of load character,as machine tools, mining, metallurgy, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical industry arid agricultural machinery, etc.
Features:Simplify speed-changing systems by changing the connection to obtain different output and speed
Pole-changing mode: Double-speed,triple-speed and four speed.

Technical data:
Power range: 0.35-82kw
Centre height of frame: 80-280mm
Voltage:380V or order
Connection:star–0.12kw up to 3kw;delta–4kw or more
Frequency:50Hz or 60Hz
Protection type:IP54 or IP55
Insulation class: B
Duty type: S1

Dimension Table: YD2 series three phase pole-change and multi-speed AC electric motorDimension Table-Y2,YD2,YVF2,YEJ2 series motorDimension Table-Y2,YD2,YVF2,YEJ2 series motor_Dimension Table-Y2,YD2,YVF2,YEJ2 series motor_2Dimension Table-Y2,YD2,YVF2,YEJ2 series motor_2_2Dimension Table-Y2,YD2,YVF2,YEJ2 series motor_3Dimension Table-Y2,YD2,YVF2,YEJ2 series motor_3_3


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