planetary gearboxes

Planetary gearboxes has inline planetary gearbox and Right angle planetary reducer ,

Inine planetary gearbox has 5 stage : 1 stage planetary transmission ,2 stage planetary gearbox ,3 stage planetary gearbox ,4 stage planetary gear transmission and 5 stage planetary gear .

right angle planetary gear reducer has 4 stage .

Right angle planetary reducer

Right angle planetary gearboxes is made up of mainly part of planetary reduction gear , and bevel gear ; right angle planetary reduction has single stage , 2 stage planetary gearbox , 3 stage planetary gearbox and 4 stage planetary gearbox . usually, you can check planetary gear ratio with planetary transmission stage.

Inline planetary gearboxes

inline planetary gearbox is widely used for industrial and heavy duty severe applications . industrial planetary reducer features with compact size, low noise , excellent reliability ,long life .