company overview

Strong Drive Tool (SDT.for short ): SDT is one of the featured gearbox suppliers and gear motor manufacturers. with the development of hard work and effort in the past years. We acquire great success in power transmission.

SDT starting processing trade in 2003. the founder- Mr. Wu, with decades of work experience in industry gear reducer and gear motor since the Chinese Industry gearbox developing in the 1970s.

Over the years, the SDT team starting a domestic sales electric motor gearbox business in 2006.

SDT begin to build an internal sales team, and we starting an oversea business of gear reducer and gear motor in 2008.

SDT has the ability to provide clients a complete transmission system synchronous drive solution in 2010.

During the past years, SDT starting having the ability to process customized gearboxes for various niche markets in 2012.

SDT provides for customer transmission accessories like speed reducer pulley, drive belts, etc in 2015. in this year,SDT founding hongkong company- Strong Drive Tool for expend the oversea business. 

With the help of the group, SDT oversea business acquires more success though e-commerce, and electric motor gearbox acquired great success in American countries and the countries along “one belt one road.”

As one of the featured industrial gearbox manufacturers, SDT always follow a strict quality system, with senior engineers, experienced skilled workers and practiced sales teams, we consistently provide high precision, high quality, and ideal mechanical power transmission solutions to our customers.