First, the fueling cycle

  1. The cycloid gear reducer is oil-lubricated and can be lubricated if required.
  2. Lubricating oil is recommended to use L-CKC150-320# industrial closed gear oil (GB5903 gear oil).
    Note: The gearbox with oil bath lubrication is not lubricated at the factory. It must be filled with enough lubricant before it can be driven.
  3. Lubricating oil replacement cycle: The first refueling operation is about half a month, put the dirty oil in the reducer, rinse the oil chamber with kerosene or diesel oil, add new oil, and then work eight hours a day. Next, replace the new oil every five months. If you work more than eight hours a day, you need to replace the new oil two to three months; in high temperature or humid environment, the above new oil cycle must be cut in half. Second, the way to refuel
    Due to its special transmission mode, the cycloid reducer has a small internal clearance, and the oil passage from the inside of the housing to the inside of the housing is also small. Therefore, the cycloidal reducer cannot be added with lubricating oil. Once filled up, you need to add a small amount of lubricant.
  4. Before driving for the first time, fill the oil to the red mark line of the fuel cup until the oil level does not drop.
  5. Always pay attention to the change of the oil level of the refueling cup during the driving process, and observe the oil while filling the oil until the surface of the refueling cup is shaken. At this time, the lubricating oil has been properly loaded;
  6. Whether the oil level of the lubricating oil can be seen in the oiling cup after parking is related to the size of the transmission ratio. It is not that the oil surface is not seen in the fueling cup after parking, that is, the lubricating oil is too small.
    Note: When filling the lubricant, unscrew the ventilation bolts of the reducer.